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Deep discount on CK3 to help you win more on smaller deals

Deep discount on CK3 to help you win more on smaller deals

THE CK3 PROMOTION IS EXTENDED IN 2017 FOR France, Italy, Spain & Portugal


We have more then 1.000 CK3 in stock at the moment - Call your account manager NOW, 

Learn more about the CK3 HERE 

FRANCE - Valid until end of December 2017 - Discount 4-9 Units & 10+ Units   

CK3RAA4S000W4100 - AlphaNum, EA31, WLAN, WEH-P, LP, SS
CK3RAB4S000W4100 -Numeric, EA31, WLAN, WEH-P, LP, 
CK3XAB4K000W4100  Numeric, EA30, WLAN, WEH-P, LP, 
CK3XAB4M000W4100 - Numeric, EX25, WLAN, WEH-P, LP, 
203-879-003                  -  Pistol Grip kit, CK3
SVCCK3-5FC3                - CK3, Full Comprehensive, 5 Day Turn, 3 Year Day OnSVCCK3-2FC3  
SVCCK3-5FC5              - CK3, Full Comprehensive, 5 Day Turn, 5 Year Day One

Spain & Portugal - Valid until end of December 2017 - Discount 2-5 Units & 6+ Units

CK3RAB4S000W4100 - Numeric,EA31,WLAN,WEH-P,LP,SS
CK3XAB4M000W4400 - Numeric,EX25,WLAN,WEH-P,LP,SS/ICP
CK3XAB4M000W4100 - Numeric,EX25,WLAN,WEH-P,LP,SS
CK3RAA4S000W4100 - Alphanumeric,EA31, No Camera,Bluetooth,WEH
CK3RAA4S000W4400 - Alphanumeric,EA31,No Camera,Bluetooth,WEH,Intermec Client Pack
CK3XAA4M000W4400 - Alphanumeric,EX25,Far Range Imager,802.11,Bluetooth,WEH,Intermec Client Pack
CK3XAA4M000W4100 - Alphanumeric,EX25,Far Range Imager,No Camera,802.11,Bluetooth,WEH
203-879-003                 - Pistol Grip kit, CK3
SVCCK3-2FC3               - CK3, Full Comprehensive, 2 Day Turn, 3 Year Day One

Italy  Valid until end of December 2017 - Discount 2-4 Units, 5-9 Units & 10+ Units 

CK3RAA4S000W4100 - Alpha Numeric, EA31, WLAN, WEH-P, LP,SS
CK3RAA4S000W4400 - Alpha Numeric, EA31, WLAN, WEH-P, LP, SS/ICP
CK3XAA4M000W4400 - Alpha Numeric, EX25, WLAN, WEH-P, LP,SS/ICP
CK3XAA4M000W4100 - Alpha Numeric, EX25, WLAN, WEH-P,LP,SS
203-879-003                 - Pistol Grip Kit, CK3
SVCCK3-2FC3               - CK3, Full Comprehensive, 2 Day Turn, 3 Year Day One

 ***U.K.I.  & Eastern Europe - Promo end February 2017 ***