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Extended warranty service for peace of mind
Honeywell's Basic plan offers a 1- or 2- year extension of the original manufacturer’s warranty service, with repair and replacement services and a 10–15 business day turnaround on depot repairs.


Flexible options for mission-critical equipment and environments
In addition to basic replacement and repair, the Honeywell Plus plan also covers wear and tear, accidental damage and device replacement. Contracts cover a 3-year period. Depot repair is offered with 2- or 5-day turnaround. Advanced exchange or 48hour onsite support can be part of a custom support solution.

Our most comprehensive support package – and the only repair contract you will ever need

In addition to all of the repair services provided under the Honeywell Plus plan, this plan also includes accessory, battery and printhead replacement, firmware updates and cosmetic replacements or repairs. Contracts cover a 5-year period. Depot repair is offered with 2-day turnaround service or advanced exchange. Forty-eight hour onsite support can also be built into the program.