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FlexDock Modular Docking System

Intermec's FlexDock Modular Docking System brings a whole new ease to mobile computer and printer docking and charging. Bases provide multiple options for data communications and / or charging, and a common interface between cups and bays allows flexibility within a single dock base.


  • A modular and extensible design, with replaceable cups, allows for field configuration or reconfiguration of the FlexDock base to match changing needs.
  • Engineered for large scale deployments, a small footprint allows for high density docking and charging utilizing standard 19” IT racking solutions.
  • Reduces installation costs and simplifies wiring with 100Base-T Ethernet daisy chaining capability (up to 10).
  • A future-proof design delivers docking system infrastructure investment protection, so upgrading to next generation devices only requires the purchase of the devices and battery cups—the docking system infrastructure can be reused.

8 Position Charger

  • DX4A2AAAA00 8-pos Battery Chgr CN70/70e No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2BBBB00 8-pos Battery Chgr CK3/CK7x No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2EEEE00 8-pos Battery Chgr CS40 No Pwr Cord


  • 852-916-002 FlexDock Base Quad Chg Only
  • 852-917-002 FlexDock Base Quad Ethernet
  • 852-918-002 FlexDock Base Dual Chg Only
  • 852-919-002 FlexDock Base Dual Ethernet
  • 852-920-002 FlexDock Base Desktop

Battery Chargers

  • 203-964-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Printer, PR2/3 (For use on FlexDock bases.)
  • DX2A2FF00 4 Pos Battery Chgr PR2/3 No Pwr Cord (Includes two auxiliary pack charge cups, capable of supporting four battery packs. Includes power supply. North American customers should order configuration that includes NA Power Cord.)
  • DX2A2FF20 4 Pos Battery Chgr PR2/3 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2FFFF00 8 Pos Battery Chgr PR2/3 No Pwr Cord (Includes four auxiliary pack charge cups, capable of supporting eight battery packs. Includes power supply. North American customers should order configuration that includes NA Power Cord.)

Communication Dock Accessories

  • 871-238-002 Modem Module, side mount
  • 871-238-011 Ether Mod, Single Dk-FlexDk/CN3/CN50/CN51/CK3 (replaces 871-025-101)


  • 203-914-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CN3/CN4
  • 203-916-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CK3
  • 203-917-001 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, CK70/71/CK3
  • 203-918-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CN50
  • 203-918-002 CN50 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer
  • 203-920-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CN70/70e
  • 203-921-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CK70/71
  • 203-922-002 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, CN70/70e
  • 203-923-001 FlexDock Cup, Mobile Computer, CS40
  • 203-924-001 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, CS40
  • 203-926-001 FlexDock Cup, Blank Cover
  • 203-965-001 FlexDock Cup, Battery Pack, PR2/3
  • 213-007-001 FlexDock Cup,Scanner, SF61B

Data Cables

  • 236-209-001 Cable Assy, USB-A to USB-microB, 1M (Used with CN50/CN51 Desktop Adapter (851-093-101/201) to PC USB port enabling quick data transfer.)

Desktop Dock

  • DX1A01A20 Desktop,USB,Batt,CN70,NoPwrCd
  • DX1A02B20 Desktop,USB,Batt,CK70/71,NoPwrCd
  • DX1A06E20 Desktop,USB,Batt,CS40,NoPwrCd

Dual Dock

  • DX2A11120 Dual,Enet,Comp,CN70,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A12220 Dual,Enet,Comp,CK7x,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A16620 Dual,Enet,Comp,CS40,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A21120 Chg,Comp,CN70,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A22220 Chg,Comp,CK7x,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A26620 Chg,Comp,CS40,NoPwrCd
  • DX2A27720 Dual Dock Chg Only PR2/3 No Pwr Cord (Includes two mobile printer cups. Includes power supply.)
  • DX2A28820 Dual Dock Chg Only, SF61, No Pwr Cord
  • DX2A2AA20 4-pos Battery Chgr, CN70, No Pwr Cord
  • DX2A2BB20 4-pos BatteryChgr,CK3/CK7x,No PwrCord
  • DX2A2EE20 4-pos Battery Chgr, CS40, No Pwr Cord

Miscellaneous Kits

  • 203-641-002 FlexDock/Multidock Wall Mounting Kit

Power Cords

  • 1-974027-025 AC Power Cord, Europe RoHS
  • 1-974029-020 AC Power Cord, UK RoHS
  • 321-471-002 AC Power Cord, Italy RoHS
  • 321-500-002 AC Power Cord, Japan RoHS
  • 321-501-002 AC Power Cord, Denmark RoHS
  • 321-502-002 AC Power Cord, India/S Africa RoHS

Power Supplies

  • 851-064-327 Univ Pwr Supply,12V 8A 4Skt Level V RoHS (For use with Quad Base. Requires AC line cord, ordered separately.)
  • 851-095-131 Univ Supply, 12V 48W, RA 2.5x5.5 Level V

Quad Dock

  • DX4A1111100 Quad Dock Ethernet CN70/70e No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A1222200 Quad Dock Ethernet CK70/71 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A1333300 Quad Dock Ethernet CN3/CN4 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A1444400 Quad Dock Ethernet CK3 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A1555500 Quad Dock Ethernet CN50 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A1666600 Quad Dock Ethernet CS40 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2111100 Quad Dock Chg Only CN70/70e No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2222200 Quad Dock Chg Only CK70/71 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2333300 Quad Dock Chg Only CN3/CN4 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2444400 Quad Dock Chg Only CK3 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2555500 Quad Dock Chg Only CN50 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2666600 Quad Dock Chg Only CS40 No Pwr Cord
  • DX4A2777700 Quad Dock Chg Only PR2/3 No Pwr Cord

Vehicle Dock Accessories

  • 203-803-001 Vehicle Dock Fuse Block Power Kit RoHS (Provides connection to vehicle fuse block. Requires Power Cable (226-109-003). Order instructions (962-040-004) separately.)
  • 226-109-003 A 72´ (182.88 cm) cable for connection of Vehicle Dock to fuse block or similar connection point. Power Cable with spade lugs and 3-pin connector. Supports input voltage of 12-30V DC. (If direct connection to fuse block not available, requires use of

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