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Youjie HH360 Linear-Imaging Scanner

With its excellent linear imaging scanning performance and versatility, HH360 provides fast (scanning speed up to 300 scans/s), 1D image scanning capability for typical barcodes (up to 23.4 inches (600mm) scanning distance), high density barcodes, or even poor or damaged bar codes with a single device. It also enables easy scanning on all linear bar codes presented on screen, without any need to buy a specific scanner


  • Superior Hand-held Scanning Performance: Increases throughput with intuitive handheld scanning performance
  • Comfort, Ergonomic Design: Ensures operator comfort and productivity with a gun-shaped form factor optimized for intensive hand-held scanning
  • Class-Leading Reliability: Increases up time and reduces additional service costs with a reliable design that utilizes no moving parts and full impact resistant bumpers
  • The Latest 1D Imaging Scan Engine: Enables long distance and high speed scanning with a superior linear decoding software

Youjie HH360 Linear-Imaging Scanner

  • YJ-HH360-R-2KBW-C KBW KIT, BLACK, 2.7M Cable (CBL-720-270-S00), Power Supply (50110621-001), EU Type Plug (00-06326)
  • YJ-HH360-R-2RS232C RS232 KIT, BLACK, 2.7M Cable (CBL-020-270-S00), Power Supply (50110621-001), EU Type Plug (00-06326)
  • YJ-HH360-R-2USB USB KIT, BLACK, 2.7M Cable (CBL-500-270-S00)
  • YJ-HH360-R-2USB-1 USB KIT, BLACK, 2.7M cable(CBL-500-270-S00), STAND(STND-15F03-101-4, STAND, 6 INCH FLEX, YJ-HH360)


  • CBL-020-270-S00 CABLE, RS232 5V, 2.7M, HH360, YJ4600, YJ HF600
  • CBL-500-270-S00 CBL USB 2.7M TYPE A HSM 5V,BK; YJ4600/HH360/HF600
  • STND-15F03-101-4 STAND, 6 INCH FLEX, YJ-HH360
  • TF2-EZDL Software: EasyDL license key for Xenon, Captuvo and 1602g suports older GA DL encryption