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EZ Config - Device Configuration

Honeywell’s EZConfig Cloud for Scanning is a free software-as-a-service (SaaS) utility that facilitates fast and easy setting of one-to-one, Honeywell-branded barcode scanner configurations and firmware updates. EZConfig Cloud leverages the same new and improved user interface introduced in EZConfig 4.1 and enables connection to a local Windows-based, PC-hosted scanner from a browser anywhere in your  environment.


Auto-Firmware Notification: EZCS Cloud for Scanning automatically checks the firmware on any connected scanner for any available updates from Honeywell. Users may review the updates and easily apply the updates if  desired.
Advanced Users: The data formatting tab has been improved to simplify and expedite formatting changes. Changes can be made with minimal effort and shared easily with others via email or a configuration barcode.
If one needs help during the process, EZConfig provides multiple links to useful resources such as online help files, tech support, feedback and more.
Configuration Simplicity: EZConfig Cloud for Scanning’s Graphical User Interface (GUI) offers a clean and intuitive user experience. Both basic and advanced users can easily perform configuration steps with ease.
Reduces Configuration Time: EZConfig Cloud for Scanning offers port-agnostic automatic device detection and uses a HTML-5 platform-independent browser-based utility to easily detect ports of wired or even wirelessly connected scanners to enable connection and updating of the scanner.


EZConfig for Scanning - Version 4.5.4 (ZIP FILE)

EZConfig for Scanning, 4.5.4 release EZConfig for Scanning is a free software download that facilitates fast and easy one-to-one barcode scanner configurations.