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Youjie HF600 Presentation Area-imaging Scanner

With affordable price and stable performance, HF600 is the ideal choice for various small and medium-sized enterprises with 2D scanning needs, including but not  limited to E-membership card reading, mobile coupon scanning, warehousing and logistics document control.


  • Ergonomic Design: 2-modular body design with large window can easily meet various scanning needs
  • Switch for Mobile Scanning: a single button enables the optimal scanning of 2D barcodes on mobile phones, improving efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Sleep Mode with IR Activation: effectively reduces power consumption, extends Product life and lowers operating costs
  • Intelligent Lighting Technology: with 3 adjustable lighting options, scanner illumination is optimized for superior 2D scanning performance and high motion tolerance

Youjie HF600 Presentation Area-imaging Scanner

  • YJ HF600-0-2KBW Hand-free Scanner, 2D, White; 2.7m KWB host cable; PSU
  • YJ HF600-0-2USB Hand-free Scanner, 2D, White; 2.7m USB host cable
  • YJ HF600-1-2USB Hand-free Scanner, 2D, Black; 2.7m USB host cable
  • YJ-HF600-R0-RS232C KIT, RS232, WHITE, 2.7M CABLE, EU-PSU
  • YJ-HF600-R1-RS232C KIT, RS232, BLACK, 2.7M CABLE, EU-PSU


  • CBL-020-270-S00 CABLE, RS232 5V, 2.7M, HH360, YJ4600, YJ HF600
  • CBL-500-270-S00 CBL USB 2.7M TYPE A HSM 5V,BK; YJ4600/HH360/HF600
  • STND-15F03-101-4 STAND, 6 INCH FLEX, YJ-HH360
  • TF2-EZDL Software: EasyDL license key for Xenon, Captuvo and 1602g suports older GA DL encryption