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SF61B - Rugged 2D Mobility Scanner

SF61B - Rugged 2D Mobility Scanner


Traditional gun-shaped scanners weren’t designed for the worker on the go. To address this, we designed the SF61B with a unique and compact form factor so that it can be quickly accessed or securely stowed away as needed. And with it's full-size capabilities, data collection tasks are accomplished with more agility and efficiency than ever before.


  • SPEED Compact form factor and available  quick attach/release system enable rapid, on-demand scanning.
  • SCANNING Includes the industry’s fastest 2D imaging technology for snappy, omni-directional.
  • RADIO Bluetooth wireless easily pairs with iOS®, Android® and Windows Mobile® devices .
  • RUGGED Tested to withstand 26 drops to concrete from 2 m (6.5 ft) and rated IP65 for protection
    from liquid and dust ingress.
  • BATTERY Field-replaceable battery lasts well beyond a full shift, even in scan-intensive applications.



SF61B Rugged Scanner

SF61B 1D

  • SF61B1D-SA001 SF61B1D, Battery, Magnet Cap & Belt Loop
  • SF61B1D-SACE001 SF61B1D, Bat, Magnet&Loop, Charger, PS

SF61B 2D

  • SF61B2D-SB001 SF61B2D, Battery, Ring Cap & W-Strap
  • SF61B2D-SBCE001 SF61B2D, Bat, Ring&W-Strap, Charger, PS


  • SF61B2D-HB001 SF61B2D,HC, Battery,Ring Cap & W-Strap
  • SF61B2D-HBCE001 SF61B2D,HC, Bat,Ring &W-Strap,Charger,PS


  • SF61BHP-SA001 SF61BHP, Battery, Magnet Cap & Belt Loop
  • SF61BHP-SACE001 SF61BHP, Bat, Magnet&Loop, Charger, PS


  • 871-221-001 SF51 1 Bay Charger, RoHS
  • 871-222-001 SF51 4 Bay Charger, RoHS


  • 213-007-001 FlexDock Cup,Scanner, SF61B

Dual Dock

  • DX2A28820 Dual Dock Chg Only, SF61, No Pwr Cord

Holders & Holsters

  • 825-171-002 SF51 Belt Clip Holder, RoHS
  • 825-172-002 SF51 Industrial Belt Clip Holder, RoHS
  • 825-173-002 SF51 Chest Strap Holder, RoHS
  • SF61-MAG-S001 0F61 Magnet End-Cap & Belt Loop
  • SF61-RIN-S001 SF61 Ring End-Cap & Wrist Strap


  • SF61-BAT-S001 SF61 Battery

Power Cords and Supplies

  • 1-974027-025 AC Power Cord, Europe RoHS
  • 1-974029-020 AC Power Cord, UK RoHS
  • 321-471-002 AC Power Cord, Italy RoHS
  • 321-500-002 AC Power Cord, Japan RoHS
  • 321-501-002 AC Power Cord, Denmark RoHS
  • 321-502-002 AC Power Cord, India/S Africa RoHS
  • 851-088-201 Power Supply, SF51, 4 Bay charger (For Multi-Bay Charger. Order power cord separately.)
  • 851-089-316 Univ PS, 5V, 18W w/Ferrite, LVL V, AE26 (Order power cord separately.)
  • SF61-APK-S001 SF61B AC Power Adapter Kit
  • SF61-UPK-S001 SF61B USB Power Adapter Kit
  • SF61-VPK-S001 SF61B Vehicle Power Adapter Kit

Service & Repair

  • SVCSF61B-1LC5 SF61B, Limited Comprehensive, 1 day turn, 5 year DayOne
  • CORS-ASSYS-021 Door, Std Complete Assy SF61
  • CORS-ASSYS-022 Door, HC Complete SF61